Partners and Community


Centurion Group DC, LLC business partners have a combined 40 years experience in managing federal and state political campaigns; fundraising; federal, state, and local lobbying; coalition building and management; political compliance management; and PAC Communications.

Some of our business partners include companies such as:

We partner with additional companies when warranted and we believe the additional relationship will be of added value for the client.

Our partner law firms offer current Centurion Group DC, LLC clients preferential rates when legal counsel review is recommended or necessary.


Giving Back to Our Community

The communities in which we work, live and play are important to promoting a healthier lifestyle. Centurion Group DC, LLCbelieves in giving back to its community. In addition to helping businesses meet their respective political compliance objectives at a lower cost, a portion of the company’s net income is given back to the community through charitable contributions and philanthropic activities.

We are proud to support programs such as the: