Gifts, Meals & Entertainment

Meals and Entertainment with Public Officials and Staff

In addition to disclosing Federal and state lobbying activities, many states and the federal government have certain exceptions, in some cases prohibitions, on the giving of gifts or entertainment to government employees.

How Centurion Group Can Help

Our team is prepared to assist you with as much or as little as needed. We can assist in the development of new compliance programs or with the evaluation of existing programs, offering economical options for meeting regulatory requirements while maintaining/maximizing efficiency; driving savings to your bottomline.

Busy professionals don’t have time to worry about completing paperwork or online forms required by various lobbying or ethics commissions. We take the worry out of the equation and do all the work for you. Our seasoned professionals assess your compliance needs to ensure compliance. Our knowledge and experience ensure that our clients comply with mandated disclosure in an accurate and timely manner.

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