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Procurement Lobbying: CA Legislation

temp-post-image Attempts to influence government contracting and purchasing decisions may constitute procurement lobbying.

We would like to highlight current legislation in California State that we believe could be important to your lobbying efforts. CA AB 1200 is seeking to amend the current California State Political Reform Act of 1974 by adding procurement lobbying to the registration and reporting requirements. The current legislation defines legislative lobbying with no specific mention of procurement. (As a reminder, procurement lobbying is defined as attempts to influence government contracting and/or purchasing.)

The general outline of proposed additions includes procurement lobbyists working on a contract, “for which the total estimated cost exceeds $250,000,” and includes “administrative action,” such as, “Preparing the terms, specifications, bid documents, request for proposals, or evaluation criteria for the procurement contract.” Such legislation is aimed at ensuring that procurement lobbyists are not engaging in what is referred to as “pay-to-play” behavior.

The most updated bill text can be found here. As of August 31, the bill has passed the Assembly, and has moved off of the Senate Appropriations suspense file to debate. Centurion Group will continue to monitor this legislation and keep you informed of important developments. For any questions regarding this email, or general political activities compliance issues, please contact us at 202.591.1737.