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Introducing CGDC’s New Website

(Washington, DC) At Centurion Group DC (CGDC), we aim to be flexible and adaptable. That is why, over the weekend, we did a total overhaul of our website in order to host a more user friendly, content based platform. Among the revisions is a section for news and relevant content where we will continue to share relevant industry updates, but begin also sharing original posts about CGDC and how we impact or respond to current events.


One of the main things CGDC is focusing on with this redesign is being more visual in our digital approach. We don’t just want to save you money on government relations compliance, we want to provide you with eye-catching, interesting content to drive further understanding of the compliance industry and why it is vital to your business: “We at CGDC want to provide necessary and relevant information to our clients in a polished, user-friendly way. This redesign incorporates all of the crucial content from our previous website while really focusing on a more visually pleasing platform.” Said a member of our team, “As CGDC continues this transition, you can look forward to original, branded info graphics and a lot more thoughtful, original articles about the compliance industry.” What do you think of CGDC’s new website? We would love to hear your feedback, or respond to questions and concerns at